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Good Final Fantasy Icons

Icons with that special something

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Creator: rikku_aeris
Mod: remiem

+ Post 10 or more Final Fantasy icons here in a comment to be judged. Or, if you prefer, you may post a link to your personal icon journal and we'll take a look at that.
+ If you don't make the cut, you may re-apply in a month.
+ All icons posted must be Final Fantasy related. They may contain fanart, slash themes, yaoi etc. BUT Any graphic icons (Nudity etc.) have to be put behind an lj cut with a warning. (To learn how to use an LJ cut go here)
+ No personal attacks at any other users.
+ Every post must contain at least 3 icons.
+ Please tag your post by what Final Fantasy games you've included in your icons. This makes it much easier for members to find icons from their favorite FFs.

So what are we looking for when you apply?
+ First and foremost is probably compression rates. If you're compressing your icons into jpegs so much that the text is blurry or that it's all speckly, then you probably won't be accepted. Photobucket, to a certain extent, will further compress jpeg icons and make them lose quality when you upload them there (making them appear "fuzzy"), so please keep an eye on that as well. If you're using photobucket as a host, typically .png format is best.
+ Did you sharpen your image too much or not enough? If your image has been oversharpened, then the lines will be too crisp to the point where they almost look like highlights and will draw attention away from your subject (though there are instances, such as when everyone was oversharpening only the eyes/lips of a subject to make it look glittery, that this is used stylistically). If your image hasn't been sharpened enough, a lot of times it will be too blurry and not crisp enough.
+ Does everything go together well? Do all of the colors work together? Does your text match the image? You don't have to make icons with text on them if you have trouble with text, textless icons can be just as beautiful. We're not judging the subject matter or what the text says at all, we're judging how it's placed on the image, what colors are used, what font was used, etc.
+ If there is text, has it been anti-aliased? With the exception of pixel fonts, all text should be anti-aliased. This feature is very easy to find when you use the font tool, it will be in the main menu.
+ Lastly, this is a friendly community, and we're not expecting people to be experts before they can post here. You just need to have a good eye, and a basic understanding of the things listed above.


To become an affiliate just leave a comment on the judging post.
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